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We help to build brand love ​with
your consumer

Be seen. Be heard. Form tribes.
Earn their Love.


Making marketing easy breezy for one and all

How to make people fall in love with your brand?

But the hard truth is, you don't know how to begin when you don't even know where to start.

You spend hours researching on your desktop, furiously acquainting yourself with the modern consumer and making sense of the complex marketing landscape. You attempt to copy write your marketing messages. However, you are not knowing what to say, not clear what message to deliver and you are probably not sharing valuable contents.

Don't worry, you can count on us. We have a team of bright and passionate professionals who are obsessed with helping brands to be seen, heard and loved by consumers. 

Regard us as your personalised Marketing GPS to help you navigate unfamiliar areas and seek the success you are after. Lean on our in-house content creators to develop trending yet unique contents to draw consumer's attention.



3H Strategy
Attract, engage and retain your audience 

The 3H strategy uses 3 different types of content, aims to attract more attention, engage with the right audience, retain your valuable customers. The ideal objective is to refine your marketing concerns and to build up your brand loyalty.


At Air Media, we make marketing easy breezy for one and all.

Travel media operator


 Content factory

We are a travel media operator in China for many years, and in recent year, we have been manufacturing awesome content to help turn your audience into fans. 

You can leverage our extensive directory of offline and online media partners in Singapore and China. We have our own Key Opinion Leaders and Consumers (KOLs and KOCs) to stand out from the cluttered marketing landscape. 

Our Services

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Don’t know WeChat? Don’t worry!


Not only we can help you create a new WeChat Official Account, we can also assist to make it work to your best advantage. Our passionate content creators can help to strategise and execute brilliant WeChat campaigns, and produce engaging Chinese content, to win over Chinese consumers.

Your Wechat Toolbox

Your Wechat Toobox

Social Media Management Tool

We are here for you!!!

 A right place for you to manage all your social media accounts. This will help you to save your time and simplify your social media workflow. We provide unique graphic and videos that enable to reach out to your potential clients and create higher conversions for both sales and leads.  

Our Clients

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Keen to work with us to build a presence in airports, inflight and social media in your market?

We are all ears.


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