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Summer Camp

We extend a warm invitation for you to explore the invaluable experience of attending a summer camp, where adventure meets learning and practical knowledge awaits. Join us in embracing the joys of a summer camp, a setting brimming with opportunities for personal growth and hands-on learning. Delve into a world where curiosity is nurtured, friendships are forged, and skills are honed. Our goal is to provide you with access to not just theoretical knowledge, but also practical insights that will leave a lasting impact on your journey towards growth and self-discovery.

2023 NUS Summer Camp - Discover the journey of ChatGPT:

Summer School Feature: 

  • Certificate of Completion from NUS

  • The top students will be awarded recommendation letter from NUS professor

  • Top students will receive a S$500 scholarship 

  • Upon joining this summer camp, students will receive a special gift

  • 7 days 8 nights luxury hotel accommodation

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to learn and experience the local culture abroad

  • Parents can capture their children's school trips in real time

  • Gala graduation dinner on the closing day

Programme Objectives: 

Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the dominant applications of AI and machine learning, commonly used for tasks that include text classification, translation, summarizing, answering questions, amongst others. NLP has gained special prominence recently with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a chatbot capable.

Programme Highlights: 

This course is taught by our seasoned NUS faculty – Dr Edmund Low from NUS College, who has conducted more than 10 youth programmes since 2020. In the recent Winter programme, he received a teaching effectiveness rating of 4.71 out 5, one of the highest rated instructors.

The programme does not only focus on the technical side – how to build and train an AI model, but also touches on the impact of AI on our society.

Through this programme, we hope to inspire our youth to take up STEM related subjects, especially Computing and AI in higher education, and rethink how AI could potentially benefit their future career choices and personal development.


Participants are expected to be able to read, write and communicate in English, as the programme will be conducted in English. There are no subject-matter-specific pre-requisites to attend this programme. 
Participants are required to bring their own laptop, charger and universal travel adaptor (for international participants) throughout the duration of the programme.

Who should attend: 

Pre-University and high school students in Grade 10 - 12, with an interest in Artificial intelligence and its real-world application.

Certificate of Completion: 

Successful participants who complete all requirements of the programme including passing the assessment will receive a certificate of completion issued by NUS SCALE.

Q & A:

Q: Does student need to learn programming on their own before the programme?

A: No need, we will go through an intro on the specific code syntax used during the course on the first day. 

Q: What’s the tool/platform used during programme? Is there any requirement on laptop specs

A: The platform we are going to use is Kaggle notebooks (hosted on the cloud), so there’s no requirement for laptop specs, as long as it can run basic applications such as MS Office, launch a web browser.
Participants are encouraged to install Chrome on their laptop for both Canvas (NUS’s Learning Management Platform) and Kaggle.

Q: What’s the estimated amount of self-study/preparation time outside the classroom?

A: Around 1 – 2 hours each day, which includes reviewing the material covered in class, and preparing for the presentation.

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