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Let your advertising message be part of the travel customer journey

An environment like no other – The Airport

Level up your advertising prowess with our big digital billboards to catch the eye of discerning Chinese travelers and business decision-makers. Draw their attention to your brand at mandatory checkpoints, transit and waiting areas in the airports and influence them to take action.


You won’t be able to avoid them even if you want to!


Airmax Led

Our massive digital screen, measuring 100 to 300 sq m, is about five times larger than a traditional lightbox, and can be strategically placed at high-traffic areas such as departure and arrival halls.


Big, bold and beautiful, it is the perfect airport media platform to showcase and bring your advertising message to life.


Our AirMAX LED screens are currently utilised in 23 cities.

Airmedia Digital Frames (ADF)

Never lose a moment to grab the attention of travelers during their transit at airports.


Display your high-definition advertisements on our ADFs to great effect at strategic intersections in the airport to spread brand awareness and drive your advertising message across.


Our ADFs are now everywhere, in 25 airports across 24 cities.

Hangzhou T3 - APTV 46 - Departure Boardi
Hangzhou T3 - APTV 37 + APTV-DF 65 - Dep

Air Media Airport TV (APTV) & Air Media Airport TV- Attached Digital Frame (APTV-DF)

Do you know that each traveller spends approximately 36.5 minutes at the boarding gate section?


This translates to an opportune time to attract travellers to view your advertisement with ease and respond positively to your advertising message.


With our APTVs and APTV-DFs near areas such as boarding and transit gates where they tend to rest while waiting to board their flights, the potential to hold their attention longer to let your advertising message sink in is greater.

Look out for our APTVs in 21 airports across 21 cities, and APTV-DFs in 10 airports across 10 cities.

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